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Celebrating Inclusivity and Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

What Is International Accessible AI Day?

International Accessible AI Day is observed annually on July 18. This day is dedicated to recognizing the importance of making artificial intelligence (AI) technologies accessible and inclusive for everyone. It also commemorates the mathematical contributions of Euler and his number, 2.718, or “E” as it is better known as, to represent the seventh month of the year, July, as well as the 18th day, highlighting the vast potential and exponential growth that inclusive AI can offer across all segments of society.

Our Goals

  •  Promote Inclusive AI: We aim to champion the development of AI systems that are accessible to everyone, ensuring that the advancements in AI bring benefits to all individuals.
  • Highlight Diverse Contributions: We celebrate the wide range of backgrounds and experiences that contribute to the advancement of AI, emphasizing the critical role of diverse perspectives in driving technological innovation.
  • Educate on Accessibility Needs: We are committed to increasing awareness about the specific accessibility needs within AI applications. It is vital to address these needs to ensure that technology is universally beneficial.

Despite the advancements in AI, significant biases still exist, particularly impacting people with disabilities. AI systems often reflect the biases present in the data they are trained on, leading to exclusionary practices. For example, voice recognition technologies may struggle with varied speech patterns common among individuals with speech impairments, and human resource systems might fail to accurately identify individuals with A disability as a top candidate based off biased datasets. These biases can result in reduced accessibility and usability of AI-driven technologies for people with disabilities, highlighting the urgent need for inclusive and representative data in AI development.

To effectively address these biases, it is crucial to incorporate diverse data assets that reflect the experiences of people with disabilities. Moreover, having professionals with disabilities working in the AI space is essential. These individuals bring unique perspectives and firsthand experiences that are invaluable in designing and testing AI systems to be truly inclusive. Their direct involvement ensures that AI technologies are developed with a deeper understanding of the accessibility challenges faced by people with disabilities. By prioritizing the inclusion of disabled professionals in the AI field, we can drive innovation that genuinely benefits everyone.

Join Activities

  • Educational Workshops: Participate in workshops that focus on the design of accessible AI systems. These sessions highlight best practices and showcase innovative solutions.
  • Diversity Panels: Attend panel discussions featuring AI professionals from diverse backgrounds. These discussions cover the challenges and opportunities in achieving accessible AI.
  • Community Outreach: Get involved with community engagement efforts, especially with groups traditionally underserved in the tech field. These initiatives aim to better understand and meet the specific needs of these communities, ensuring AI is adapted to be more inclusive.

Our Vision

International Accessible AI Day seeks to initiate a transformative shift in the tech industry by emphasizing the critical importance of accessibility in AI. This observance cultivates dialogue between technology developers and diverse user groups, promoting a more equitable tech ecosystem. Through education, dialogue, and community engagement, we strive to build a commitment within the AI community to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity in every aspect of technology development.

This day reflects not only on the technological importance of inclusive AI but also on the rich and varied community that contributes to and benefits from these advancements. By ensuring AI is accessible, we empower all individuals to engage fully with our rapidly evolving digital world.


The international accessible AI day was organized by a group of diverse subject matter experts within the field of artificial intelligence, technology and accessibility. We believe in the monitor created for us, by us which encourages the necessary diversity needed within technology.

Tiffani Martin: Founder/CEO of VisioTech

Erin Reddick: Founder of Chat BlackGPT(TM) 


Meryl Evans, CPACC

VisioTech Sr. Partner  

Dorian Flowers, MBA

Founder of Think Box 312

Join us on July 18 to celebrate International Accessible AI Day and help us shape a future where AI is truly for everyone.


We want advocates, tech enthusiasts, and professionals to have the tools and knowledge they need to create more accessible AI, which is why we’ve developed a library of resources to explore.

Executive Order on AI: Ensuring Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development

The White House has issued an Executive Order focused on the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence. To learn more about the measures and policies being implemented, read the brief. White House Executive Order.

The WCAG 2.2

As the standard for web accessibility, WCHE 2.2 provides the framework needed to make accessible digital environments. Learn more.


VisioTech White Paper

The Accessible AI Quotient (AAIQ) framework. Learn more about the framework and how to apply it at AIIQ Framework!


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